En oversikt over NOEN AV Buffet og Selmers klarinettmodeller.



14,65 mm boring - Devine har RC-boring  
R13 / Festival:
14,56 mm boring - Tosca har R13-boring

RC  medium boring 14,65mm
RC Prestige   medium boring 14,65mm +Eb-klaff 
R-13 small boring  14,56 mm
Tosca ekstra lang, smal boring 14,56mm


sammenlignet med Selmer:

Key : B-flat Bore diameter:
14.60 mm/ 0.574 inch
Delivered with two barrels (conical bore):
65.5 & 66.5 mm common to B-flat and A. Bore: 15mm.

Key : A Pitch : 442 Bore diameter:
14.60 mm/ 0.574 inch
Delivered with two barrels (conical bore): 65.5 & 66.5 mm common to B-flat and A. Bore: 15mm.

Key : Bb
Bore diameter :
14.50mm / 0.571 inch
Pitch : 440,442
Delivered with two barrels : 
            440 : 64.5 mm & 62.5 mm             442 :
64.5 mm & 62.5 mm

Key: A
Bore diameter:
14.50mm / 0.571 inch
Pitch: 441
Delivered with two barrels:
65 mm & 63 mm


Buffet Professional Clarinet Models - Spot The Difference!

Buffet produce a large range of clarinets at the top level and it can get confusing what the differences are between them.

  • The R13 is the most popular professional-level clarinet. Players tend to find that this produces a bright sound with good projection.
  • The RC is basically the same as the R13, apart from the bore (the bottom joint is conical rather than polycylindrical). This gives the clarinet a different flavour with a darker sound.
  • The Prestige models use the same bore style as the R13 or RC, but use higher-grade wood, which (a) gives better projection with more tone control, and (b) is less likely to crack. In addition. the bore is hand-burnished, giving greater precision. This is important, as the bore is vital to good tuning. These models have reinforced tenons for added strength and upgraded Gore-Tex pads.
  • The Vintage has the same features as the Prestige models, with a wider bore design (in fact it uses the original R13 design from the 1950s - hence the "Vintage" name). The clarinet is responsive with a warm sound.
  • The Festival is very similar to the R13 Prestige but is supplied with two barrels; the barrel length is slightly different and the tone holes are moved slightly, both for improved tuning.
  • The Tosca is the top model; this has a unique bore design, modified ergonomic keywork and right hand low F correction key. It also has raised C# and G# tone holes to prevent water building up in these. Full, rich sound.

Current and recent Buffet clarinet models include (in approximate order from least to most expensive):

Plastic clarinets
B10 - a lightweight beginner model, entirely plastic apart from the keys

Evette (no longer in production, succeeded by B12)

B12 - a good quality beginner instrument, as demonstrated by its enduring popularity.

Intermediate clarinets
Evette (no longer in production, succeeded by E11)
Evette Master Model (no longer in production, succeeded by E12)
Evette & Schaeffer (no longer in production, succeeded by E13)
Evette & Schaeffer Master Model (no longer in production, succeeded by E14)
E11 - intermediate, entry-level wooden instrument with nickel plated keys. Very popular with high sale rates. Mostly found in the USA
E11 France - intermediate, similar to the E11, but made in France as opposed to Germany, with an all new bore, ringless bell, and numerous other features. (no longer in production, succeeded by E12F)
E12 - as E11, but with "special wood treatment to improve sound quality". Prior to 1992, this particular model was referred to as the E-45.
E12F - student model from Buffet Crampon, mostly made in France. Available as of September 1st 2012)
E13 - student model from Buffet Crampon, mostly made in France.
C13 «International"

Professional clarinets
Limité - silver-plated keys, very good horn. Less expensive than R13. Same quality, or even better, than the R13. Only sold in the USA

C12 "Conservatoire" model - A semi-professional model C12 was produced only from 1983 to 1992. Essentially it was an R13 with lesser keywork, lacking the R13's wood cutout above the lower tenon "pinky keys".

R13 - Buffet's most popular professional model, something of an institution in its own right. The R in R13 Stands for the name of its designer, Robert Carrée. His name is born out in his later model, the Buffet RC (RC standing for his initials).

RC - an R13 equivalent model but with distinctive barrel and bell shape intended to improve tone, developed in 1974 with the assistance of the luthier Robert Carrée. Noted for sweetness of sound.

S1 - another alternative model to the R13, manufactured in the 1970s and early 80s. Designed to have an inverse taper barrel and a bore similar to the original 1950s R13.

R13 Vintage - Closer to the original 1950s bore design.

Festival - Very similar to the R13 Prestige. Slight differences in the upper bore. Register key is 1 mm higher than on a standard R13. Also has the addition of an alternate left-hand Eb/Ab lever.

R13 Prestige - A higher level of R13 clarinet. Made from only the best unstained wood by Buffet's most senior and successful craftsmen. Also has the addition of an alternate left-hand Eb/Ab lever.

RC Prestige - Slightly smaller bore than the R13. More popular in Europe. Also has the addition of an alternate left-hand Eb/Ab lever.

Elite - no longer in production, having been replaced by the Tosca. All of its reinforcing rings were of black polycarbonate fiber - other than the silver keys and gold-plated posts, it was entirely black.

Tosca - introduced in 2003, features include a new bore design, ergonomically reshaped key work, an auxiliary Eb key and low F correction key.

Divine - Buffet's newest clarinet. It was unveiled in March 2012.

The Buffet range has been developed and extended over the years with various new models being developed, occasionally replacing older variants. Within the range there is a central core of 3 or 4 models favoured by teachers and pupils alike: the entry level B12 (although the B10 is an increasingly popular alternative), the E11 as an intermediate wooden model and the R13 or RC as a professional-standard instrument.
The Festival is of the R13 family, sharing a bore design with its slightly less expensive counterpart; it is made of denser, more select wood. It also has an auxiliary left hand Ab/Eb key, and is sold with two barrels of different lengths.
The R13 Prestige and the RC Prestige are more expensive counterparts to the R13 and RC (respectively) made of only the finest wood and craftsmanship. Both models come equipped with an auxiliary left-hand Ab/Eb key and with two barrels of different lengths.

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