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Uebel-Artist Trond Brenne

Trond Brenne

Norwegischer Klarinettist und Dirigent

B/A Klarinette Zenit



Trond Brenne is a norwegian clarinetist and windband conductor living near Hamar in  the eastern part of Norway.

At the age of 17, he got one year leave of absence from high school and started his professional career as substitute clarinetist in Eastern Norway Army Band.
Brenne went back to finish high school, while waiting to start in a permanent job he was offered in the Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces.
However, wanting to learn more about music, he declined the position and started at a teacher college, majoring music.
After a few years as teacher in public school, he got a job as clarinetist in a regional chambermusic group in the norwestern part of Norway.
Besides giving 150 concerts in two years, he teached clarinet in a music school, played in the local symphony and opera-orchestra and conducted a school orchestra and a windband.
For the rest of his career, Brenne has been principal of music and culture schools, clarinet teacher and conductor.
He has written the book "Klarinetten"- for players and instructors, together with Aksel Farstad.
He has also been the leader of 25 summer music camps and adjudicator of more than 50 band competitions. 
Brenne worked some years in the Norwegian Band Federation, both as regional leader and as music consultant, mainly in the areas of instrumental education and education of schoolband conductors.
Since his teens, he has always teached and played clarinet and bassclarinet in local wind bands and amateur symphony orchestras. 
Brenne is now retired after more than 25 years as principal in different music schools, but is still active lecturing and teaching clarinet students. He has a permanent position as clarinetist in Oslo University Symphony Orchestra and as bassclarinetist in Innlandet Clarinet Ensemble.
He is often called for in different symphony orchestras, musicals and operaperformances, both on A/Bb-clarinets and bassclarinet.

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